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Seasons change, people change February 22, 2011

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I almost went to college in Florida. Out of the schools I got accepted to, I had my choices narrowed down to either Champlain or the University of Tampa. Both campuses were beautiful, the schools were relatively the same size (pretty small), and both seemed like they had good communications programs. After lots of debate and consideration, I settled on Champlain and cold, windy Burlington.

Growing up in Vermont you’d think I would have gotten used to winter, but the only things I learned after 18 years of life in southern VT were that a) it gets really cold, b) driving on snowy or icy roads is scary, and c) I wanted to get as far away from winter weather as possible. That’s why I applied to 3 schools in Florida, a warm place where I had family nearby. (My grandparents live in Boynton Beach.) Needless to say, I visited Champlain a second time, realized how much I thought I would love the school and Burlington, and I decided to tough out one more winter in Vermont, with intentions of reapplying to the University of Miami, my first-choice school in which I wasn’t accepted. My transfer application to U Miami was never completed–actually, it was never started. I loved my communications program at Champlain, loved Burlington, and had no intentions of transferring, even with the brutal weather. After all, I thought, what’s a few more cold winters when I’ve already made it through 18? I also realized how much I enjoy and need a change of seasons. Emerging from winter makes you cherish spring and summer so much more than you otherwise would.

Burlington on February 2, 2011

As 50 Cent puts it, “Sunny days wouldn’t be special if it wasn’t for rain.”

I put this new revelation about the seasons in perspective by clarifying to myself that yes, I do like all 4 seasons. But, Vermont winters are too damn long. That’s when I decided that when I relocated after graduating from Champlain, I wanted to live somewhere with different seasons, but milder winters. I had my mind set on D.C. Growing up, I spent years traveling to visit my grandma in D.C. over February break, when although it was still fairly chilly, the grass was green, the sun felt warm, and daffodils were just started to bloom. Having spring start at this time, when in Vermont there were still weeks of winter left, sounded great to me!

Now however, my mind has changed again. My grandmother no longer lives in D.C., my cousin, who moved there after her graduation from college a few years ago, has moved back north, and I’ve heard way too many horror stories about how unsafe the city is to live in, especially for young women. So, although I am still actively looking for jobs in D.C., this is no longer my first choice city. What is my first choice city, then? Boston.

My thought process on location

Yes, I know I went from wanting no winter at all 4 years ago to wanting a milder winter, and now I’m right back to where I started, with a full-force, long, cold, snowy winter. Boston really isn’t that much warmer than Vermont–and it has gotten way more snow than Burlington these past few months. However, it’s a great city, much bigger than Burlington but not too big, it’s near water (which is something I can’t live without in the summers after having Lake Champlain at the tips of my fingers), and it’s in close proximity to home and to relatives. This is where I’ve decided to focus my job efforts. I’m looking nationwide, but putting most of my energy into Boston. There are tons of PR agencies here too, and I have hope that one of them will offer me a job! Better get that resumé out…


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