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There’s just not enough time in a day March 13, 2011

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Between searching for jobs and traveling for spring break, these last few weeks have been even more chaotic than usual –if that’s possible.– I have to admit, this whole job application process has thrown off my life. I’ve been able to successfully manage my internship, work, school, homework, exercise, social media, and my social life up until now, but after adding the time-consuming task of the job search to this list of necessary activities, I no longer have enough time to complete everything I need to do in a day. I actually found myself wishing that there were more than 24 hours in a day so that I could get more done. So, what gets cut? In order of priorities, interning at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and school are at the top of the list, closely followed by finding a job. Although some people consider exercise to be optional, it is extremely important to me. I can have the most unproductive day in the world, but as long as I go for a half hour run, I feel very accomplished. Therefore, it never even crossed my mind to decrease my time spent exercising. So, the last few things I had to choose to decrease time doing were: working, engaging with social media, and my social life. I’ve already given up a huge portion of my social life in order to have time searching for jobs, and I refuse to lose the little I have left. In terms of social media, it would be public relations and marketing suicide if I was to cut myself off from the virtual world. Already, I’m not as engaged as I would like to be, but my current time restraints just don’t allow for me to live the social media life that I wish I could. Work has always been a big part of my life –as proven by the fact that I started working when I was 15 not because I was told to, but because I wanted to have extra money of my own.– However, as the clock  ticked along and I thought more and more about the little time I have left of my college experience, I decided that I don’t want work to consume my last month of classes. Therefore, last week I quit one of my waitressing jobs. This was a hard decision to make, since I felt like I was letting both my employers and myself down. Up until this point, the only reason I’ve ever stopped a job is because I’ve moved. I had my first job for 5 years and all my other positions have either been seasonal –over the summer– or I’ve worked at them for numerous years. As hard as it was for me to actually quit prior to moving away, I now feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I have two weekends completely work-free, an experience that hasn’t occurred in a few years.

Arianna's hierarchy of needs

Arianna's hierarchy of needs

Although these next few weeks will be far from restful, I am relieved to think that without work, I might actually have time to finish everything I need to in a day.


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