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Life is in the eye of the beholder May 22, 2011

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I had a conversation the other morning with a good friend that really made me think about
my life. We were casually discussing the interviews that I had at a Boston PR agency last
week. After explaining to my friend what the job entails and what I would be responsible
for, he asked me, “Why do you want a real job?”

Note: this friend of mine is the type of person who can survive on $5 a week, rarely
worked while in college simply because he didn’t want to and didn’t care about having
money, is passionate about traveling to South and Central American countries, and
informed me during this conversation that what he wants out of a job is to do something
that will make people’s lives better.

My response to his question was, “What else am I going to do now that I’ve graduated?”
–Although I didn’t say it, I was also thinking that getting a real job is what’s expected of
me, being a college graduate and all.—

“Travel the world,” he said.

“I want to travel, but being a girl I don’t feel comfortable doing it on my own and you’ve
already told me that you travel alone and won’t go with me,” I replied.

“Everyone –meaning all of our friends who are graduating—is getting such boring jobs,”
he said.

Although this was clearly just his opinion and I think PR is far from being boring, his
point of view on the “real world” did allow me to realize the very different perspectives
that two people can have on life. My friend continued, “If you get a job, you’re going to
work eight hours a day, go home, maybe go for a run, cook something for dinner, go to
bed, get up in the morning and do it all over again, and have two days on the weekend to
unwind from it all.”

Yes, he’s probably right. And although a part of me would love to take it easy before
diving into the workforce, the biggest part of me is filled with excitement about entering
this new stage of my life.

When our conversation ended, I took away with me all the reasons why I do want to start my

-I plan to enjoy my job and be excited for each workday –at least most of the time,–
rather than count down the hours until 5 p.m. on Friday.

-Although there are many things I do want to experience in life, like traveling, I’m
confident that I’ll find time in the future to accomplish these desires.

-Getting a full time job isn’t tying me down forever. I have my entire future to
accomplish everything I want to, and starting a job isn’t going to take other opportunities
away from me.

-I didn’t go to college just for the social life –although it was amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.– I went to get an education and I’m now eager to put my skills to use.

-I’m ready for a change


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