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There’s no “i” in “relax” June 6, 2011

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My life has always been extremely busy. For the most part, that’s the way I like it. Sure, I love hanging out with friends and taking it easy, but I hate when everyone is busy and I’m bored with nothing to do. Because of my loathing for being bored, I have chosen to lead a busy life. Throughout college, I was constantly busy with either school, assignments, work, internships,  exercise, and my social life. I still remember the first weekend of September 2007, my first week at college, and the terror I felt about all the free time I had on my hands. I had three or four hours of class each day, compared to the seven hours I was used to in high school; I didn’t have sports practices or games to attend after the school day was over; and my work-study didn’t begin until the following week. This sounds like a dream, right? Having endless amounts of free time to do whatever I wished? Well, for me it was painful. I’m an extremely social person, and I HATE not having anything to do or not having people around to communicate with. Needless to say, from that point on, my adjustment into college life became an active one.

Throughout my entire college experience, I told people that I had the craziest, busiest life out of everyone I know. A lot of people –mainly guys who were trying to get me to hang out with them– thought I was making this up as an excuse to not hang out. Seriously, I wasn’t –although at times it did serve as a legit excuse.– I would tell people, “ask my roommate or any of my friends. I have absolutely no free time for more people in my life.”

Upon my graduation at the beginning of May, I was well aware of–and extremely looking forward to– removing School, Assignments, and Internships from my list of important tasks. I predicted that I would have more time to relax and enjoy the amazing Burlington summer weather. Little did I know how far this statement was from the truth. My summer thus far has been busier than ever, even without all the requirements of college. What I can confidently proclaim is that “I” and “relax” can rarely be accurately used in the same sentence.

There are two big reasons for the craziness that my life has consisted of for the last few weeks. First, work. Until the end of May, I was working about 30 hours a week on top of my internship at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. I’m not complaining about working. I love my job, I love everyone I work with, and I especially love the fact that my pay check for the last two weeks paid for my June rent and then some. However, it is getting really sad that I see my two roommates –who also happen to be my co-workers– at our place of employment more than I see them at our apartment. My second reason for my extra-hectic lifestyle is that I spent the last week moving out of my apartment of two years. It was such a process to move and although I’m between permanent locations right now and will move several more times in the next few months, I hope that once I get settled for good I don’t have to move again for a long time. After a few weeks of packing, two days of cleaning, a day my dad dedicated to driving up to Burlington and moving me out, a day moving into my new place, and a day and a half unpacking, I’m finally settled into my new life.

Look, sometimes I actually DO relax!

To top off a crazy week, friends who moved out of Burlington after graduation came up to visit this weekend! So, in addition to working, my last few days have been filled with barbecues, volleyball, sunshine, dancing, drinks, and laughs.  And, most importantly, as of an hour ago I now have somewhere to live until the end of August! –Let’s not discuss the fact that it’s the same building I moved out of earlier this week.–

Fortunately, I was still able to learn many valuable life lessons during this hectic week. Some new insights I’ve gained lately are:

  • I miss my group of friends from college more than I ever knew I would
  • I’m now a bartender-in-training. I can make a mean martini
  • My dad can somehow miraculously fit two years worth of my life into the back of a pickup truck
  • I will never live with my brother again unless there are outstanding circumstances
  • Sleep is definitely over-rated
  • A great day off of work is revitalizing
  • My new favorite drink is a Grateful Dead –a mixture of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and raspberry liquor–
  • 80’s music is amazing for dancing
  • According to a pedometer, I walked over eight miles waitressing a banquet last Friday
  • Change is scary, but it can also be a lot of fun
  • As much of a relief as it would have been if I had landed a career immediately upon my graduation, I’m happy and loving life

One Response to “There’s no “i” in “relax””

  1. sid bolotin Says:

    arianna is my granddaughter, and i am so, so proud of her becoming the awesome young lady that she is!!!
    me (and the bub)

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