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The Importance of Loving Your Job June 29, 2011

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In exactly two months, I’m moving to Boston. My apartment lease starts September 1 and for the first time in four years, I’ll move out of Burlington and start a new chapter of my life. Although I’m still figuring out the job situation in Boston, the move is 100% happening. I have high hopes that in the next two months I’ll be employed in a PR or communications position somewhere in the Greater Boston Area. And I hope to land a job that I feel passionate about. To put into prospective, I hope that I love my future career as much as I love my current job.

If I had to explain to someone in one word what I’ve been doing this summer, I would say “working.” No, this isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to, but it is definitely what I spend the most time doing lately. This is a good thing. After all, that’s why I’m still living in Burlington. There was no point in moving home after graduation to no job when I could stay here, find a place to live, and make money. However, I’m happy to say that my job at Vermont National Country Club has become about way more than just paying my rent. Over the past few years I’ve made some of the best friends, met some of the greatest people, and had some of the most beneficial conversations.

Often times, I comment on how lucky I am that I get along so well with the people with whom I work. I say this because we spend so much time together –sometimes 15 hour shifts– and work would be miserable if we weren’t all friends. We always laugh, joke, and have fun together, yet we know the time for work and the time for play.

I love most of the members who belong to Vermont National almost as much as those with whom I work. Unlike waitressing at a typical restaurant, those I serve are not random people who I will never see again. I’ve come to personally know many of Vermont National’s members, and in return they’ve learned a lot about me. Multiple families have offered to let me live with them if I ever need a place to stay. Although I recently worked out my summer living situation and I will not need to take anyone up on this offer, I still feel so touched at the opportunities. Many others have played a role in my job search. Those in PR have met with me to discuss the industry. Those with colleagues in Boston have reached out to their contacts and have passed along my resume and credentials. Some have joked that they don’t want to help me find a job in Boston because they don’t want me to leave Vermont National. Others have shared their thoughts that with my personality and personable etiquette I’ll have no trouble getting hired. A few members who I’m especially close with have made me promise that we can meet up both before I move and also whenever they’re in Boston.

So far, everything is truly working out –just as I hoped that it would.– Although I don’t yet have a job in Boston, I’m extremely happy that I’m able to spend this last summer in Burlington. Knowing where I’m going to live for the next 14 months is a huge stress reliever. Most importantly, I know what it feels like to love your job. It’s so important to be positive and to feel happy when commuting to work. A positive mood radiates off of you and touches everyone with whom you come into contact. The reason I love PR is the same reason I love my job at Vermont National. It’s all about the relationships you form with people and the conversations you have. If everything continues to fall into place over the next few months, come September I will be commuting to a job in Boston with a positive attitude and an open heart and mind.


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  2. zayzee Says:

    well, granddaughter, u’v hit another homer…must b my genes poling thru.
    the zayz

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