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Time to Face Reality July 21, 2011

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Arianna Bolotin GraduationA few weeks before my college graduation, I came across an article in USA Today titled “15 Things I’ve Learned as a Post Grad.” Now that I am officially in the world of young professionals, still immersed in the job search, and fully relinquished of my parents’ financial support, I am able to connect with this article much more than I could a mere few months ago.  Similar to how I reflected on Grace Boyle’s college insights, this article allowed me to connect with a lot of the writer’s points –especially #9 Finding a job is a full-time job and #11 Don’t just rely on one outlet to find a job– and also come up with my own post-college key takeaways. Here are a few things I’ve learned since I graduated from college a few months ago:

1. I can’t help but cringe when I write a rent check every month. While I was in school, my parents helped me out with my living costs. I never knew how brutal it was to write a check for so much money. The only good thing about how expensive rent is in Burlington is that when I move to Boston in September, I won’t even be paying too much more for rent than what I’m already used to!

2. It means a lot to see my college friends who have moved away. I truly cherish the few times this summer when my friends from school and I have gotten together. It’s a different world without all of my close friends still living in the area, and when we can make trips to see each other we really make it count.

3. Meeting with a staffing company is a great addition to doing my own job search, but not a replacement for it. It’s true that many companies don’t feel a need to utilize recruiters to fill entry level positions. I know that I won’t find a position for a Marketing Coordinator or a Public Relations Associate through a staffing agency. However, talking with recruiters has allowed me to a) better prepare for my job search and b) feel reassured that if I fail to immediately find a job in my field, I can always find some job through them that will provide me with an income.

4. This time of life is full of big decisions. In the last few weeks, I’ve already made numerous choices that have both capitalized on and turned down opportunities. I decided to pursue a career in Boston. I signed a lease and committed to paying rent for 12 months, even though I don’t yet have a job. I turned down numerous job offers in Burlington and firmly stood behind my belief to move out of Vermont. Although I’m not going into my future blind, I definitely have a blurry vision of where my life will lead me in a month’s time.

5. Things tend to work themselves out. In May, I didn’t know where I was living for the summer. When I learned that I could live with a few friends for the month of June, I still didn’t know where I would reside for July and August. When that scenario neatly fell into place, I didn’t know who I would be living with when I moved to Boston. The day that I started looking for rooms to sublet on Craig’s List, a friend of mine called said she wanted to move to Boston with me. My roommate issue was immediately resolved. Since I’m very happy that I’ve been able to stick around Burlington for the summer, I’m not yet giving up on the hope that a job will come my way just when I need it.



One Response to “Time to Face Reality”

  1. zayzee Says:

    well, granddaughter, welcome 2 the real world. when bubbie and i were ur age i/we faced exactly what ur facing plus we had children, and i was working fulltime and going to night college. i lived on no-doze tablets to keep awake. keep doing what ur doing…ur a+ attitude will make it all happen. keep bringing the rainbow 2 all that u engage in.
    the zayze

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