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Make New Friends, But Keep The Old December 16, 2011

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Bob Dylan once sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Nothing proved this saying true more than my recent reunion with college friends. Two weeks ago, I once again ventured up to Burlington for the weekend. Only this time, I was accompanied by all my friends who also moved away after graduation. People drove up from Southern Vermont, New Hampshire, Boston, and even as far away as Phildelphia to all spend the weekend together in the place that we called home for the last four years. There are a good amount of my friends still living and working in Burlington, so it was easy to set up camp at their apartments. To summarize a long and eventful weekend, it was absolutely incredible to all be together again.

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From the moment I arrived in Burlington Friday night to the time I left Sunday afternoon, I was in a great mood. The weekend was filled with drinks that were much cheaper than a Boston cocktail, going out to eat to some of my favorite past-time restaurants, and lots of dancing, to the point where I was sore for days. Miraculously, I got a run in Saturday afternoon along my old route through Burlington, while everyone else was at a bar! I’m happy to share that I apparently still have VIP status in Burlington, because I didn’t wait in line at any bar and I still got my 2 a.m. slice of pizza for free.

In addition to spending tons of time with my friends from school, I also saw both of my former roommates who are in a different group of friends, as well as some of my best friends from work. It was a very satisfying weekend and it again rekindled my belief that as much as I miss the people I left behind, I know that I made the right choice by moving away from Burlington. What can I say, I guess I was made for bigger and better things than the rural state of Vermont has to offer.


4 Responses to “Make New Friends, But Keep The Old”

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