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The Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer September 11, 2012

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I find it hard to believe that summer is over already. It feels like July 4th was two weeks ago and that it was Memorial day was right before that. Between work and my endless weekend plans, the summer flew by. Looking back at the last few months, I am amazed at how busy my life was –I was really only in Boston two weekends without anything going on?!– Maybe I made so many plans because this was the first summer since I was fifteen that I wasn’t working weekends in a restaurant. No matter the reason, it was a go-go-go summer for me. One of my co-workers said it best: “We’re Facebook friends and it seems like you have way too much fun on the weekend.” Here is a recap of the last few months’ weekends:

May 11-13: NH to golf, then Portsmouth for Mother’s Day
May 18-20: Had a friend visit from California and visited friends in Marblehead

Memorial Day Weekend: Cousin’s college graduation in Western MA
June 3: Girls’ day in Boston and Beauty and the Beast at the Boston Opera House
June 8-10: In Boston, but had to lay low because of my foot injury
June 15-17: Reunion with all my college friends in NH

June 22-24: IN BOSTON!!!
June 29-July 1: In NH all weekend for a friend’s grad party
July 6-8: IN BOSTON!!!
July 13-15: NH for the weekend to lounge by the pool
July 20-22: Burlington for the Vermont Brewers Festival

July 27-29: The Color Run

August 3-5 Portland, ME for Gentlemen of the Road

August 11-19: Annual family vacation at Conway Lake

If I had a drink it my hand, I would raise my glass to the Summer of 2012; one of the best I’ve ever had. It enforced my decision to move to Boston without a job –I’ve never been happier!– It brought relief to my fear of losing touch with my college friends –we’re closer than we’ve ever been.– Most importantly, it helped me to realize that it’s OK to not have a plan, for the weekend or for your life. Things work themselves out just as they’re meant to.


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