Five Four and a Quarter

Questions, confessions, experiences, and inspirations of a twenty-something-year-old

Blogs That I Read March 24, 2011

Below, you will find the blogs that I read weekly. They each provide me with insight, inspiration, or advice and help me to learn a little bit about myself, my future career, and what I hope to accomplish at this altering point of my life. I’m too busy to waste time with unimportant readings, so I assure you that if it’s listed here, I’m passionate about the blog.

(In no particular order):

The PR Coach: Tips, tools, and resources for the PR world

The Rest Is Still Unwritten: Tech news and random ramblings from Gen Y blogger David Stehle.

Mashable: Covering all news in social media, cool new websites, and social networks

360 Days in a PR Life: A collaborative group blog authored by team members of 360 Public Relations

PRNewser: Covering news, trends, and gossip about the PR industry. Edited by Tonya Garcia

Seth’s Blog: Seth Godin’s riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread

PRevolution: A collaboration of PR insights from Dave, Lisa, Arik, and Kasey

Brand Channeler: Passionate insights and conviction of thought from Cone’s Brand Marketing Group

Social Media Commando: Social media and guerilla marketing strategies brought to you by expert in social media innovation Joe Mescher

Social Web Thing: Ben Cotton’s take on PR, social media, and the digital world

Small Hands Big Ideas: Startups, inspiration, career, and relationships from fellow Champlainer and PR student Grace Boyle

Diploma to Job: The latest most effective tips, tricks, and techniques on how to land a job

Corn On The Job: Wisdom for job seekers from staffing and HR pro Rich DeMatteo

One Guy’s Journey: Jason Mollica’s blog about life, career, and everything in between

Public Relations and the People Behind it: Advancing the PR profession by highlighting those who make it happen every day. From Joel Fortner

Thought Catatlog: A place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought.


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