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A New Year and a New Super Bowl January 30, 2015

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I need to write more.

It isn’t a new year’s resolution. It’s been a thought living in the back of my head for a long time — and besides, I don’t make new year’s resolutions.– There have been dozens of occasions over the last 6 months when I’ve thought to myself, “I haven’t blogged in way too long”. But then life gets in the way. I’ve thought of good writing topics on the t, or when I’m running, but by the time I’m at a physical and mental place to actually sit down and write, the motivation –and sometimes the idea altogether– is gone.

So I’m considering this a new chapter, one that will see my words appear on a page much more frequently.

Sunday is a big day.

At least for the New England Patriots and fans like me. I’ll keep this short and sweet since the topic of the Super Bowl may not excite some of my readers –hi, Mom– but there are a few things surrounding Deflategate that I want to call out. First, I’ve had lots of mixed emotions about this so-to-be “scandal”. The first mention of it after the Colts’ game two weeks ago didn’t really phase me. So what, some of the footballs were underinflated by 2 psi, big deal. Well, it turned out  it was a big deal. Hate comments against the Patriots started pouring in. #Belicheat became a popular hashtag used across social media. Critics began discussing NFL league punishment, if and when the team was found guilty of intentionally releasing air from these footballs. Brands didn’t waste any time to capitalize on the popular news subject –see Krispy Creme ad below–. I started to believe that all of the hearsay may be true. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time the Patriots broke the rules to get ahead.  I even admitted out loud that Brady and Belichick both seemed shady and dodgy during a press conference.


But then I read some articles defending the Patriots and I started to once again have full faith in the team that controls my Sunday schedule September through February. Because points stated in these articles are so spot on and so conceivable. This is a team that’s known to always play well in cold weather, just like they did against the Colts. Footballs are proven to actually travel faster when they’re filled with more air. Game balls have knowingly been altered in history and it was never a big deal. And most importantly for Sunday, “the Patriots are really good at two things: winning football games and not giving a shit what you think about them.”

Football fans either love the Patriots or they hate them. They’re good. They make it easy to be a New England fan. On Sunday, Brady will be the first quarterback in NFL history to start in 6 Super Bowl games. I’m one of many of my coworkers at SapientNitro who bleeds red, white and blue, as-seen-on-social-media this week with our launch of

It started Monday morning with an office-wide-email titled “Deflategate fatigue”. Email copy read, “I’m so tired of all this Deflategate crap. It needs to end. Anthem? Poem? Ad? Giant Foam Middle Finger? We need to do something.”

A mere two hours later, the idea was baked out. #pumpupthepats. A website where people literally pump up the football to blow up negative tweets about the Patriots and post a positive tweet instead. All we needed at this point was the time required to make this idea come to life. That’s when Mother Nature came into play –no pun intended– and dropped over two feet of snow on Boston,  leaving all of my marketing guru colleagues stuck at home with smaller client workloads. So a few developers, designers, art directors, and copywriters later, was launched.

Screen shot 2015-01-30 at 11.34.31 AM

The best part is, this isn’t just an example of Boston marketers also being die-hard sports fans. This is the fun, the passion and the teamwork that we live and breathe every day. I love my job and I’m grateful for the people who make going to work every day a new adventure.

Oh, and we even showed Patriots passion at our office Halloween party.


I was planning to touch upon a lot more topics in this post — like how awesome my roommates are, the competitive races I’ve run, my new love for yoga, and the love/hate battle of having so many friends that it’s hard to stay in touch with everyone. But I got in the zone –pun intended, this time– with thoughts of the Super Bowl. –Sorry, Mom.– So everything else can wait.

To be continued, which I promise will be soon…


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