Five Four and a Quarter

Questions, confessions, experiences, and inspirations of a twenty-something-year-old

Who Am I? February 20, 2011

I can gratefully say that I love my life. I’ve had countless amazing experiences, most of which I’ve taken for granted. But, there are still lots of things I hope to do and accomplish. Here’s a small part of my bucket list (in no particular order):

  1. Take a hot air balloon ride
  2. Go for a run as the sun rises
  3. Live an entire summer off of the vegetables in my garden
  4. Hike the Grand Canyon
  5. Travel to Israel
  6. Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  7. Live in a different country for at least 6 months
  8. Inspire someone–to do something, anything
  9. Go back to the Lebanese restaurant I went to in Paris
  10. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  11. Run a marathon (well, maybe a half-marathon)
  12. Go bungee jumping in New Zealand
  13. Shoot par on an 18-hole golf course
  14. Order a $100ish bottle of wine or champagne–and be able to afford it
  15. Reconnect with the girls I grew up with
  16. Cook the Passover Seder
  17. Volunteer in an underdeveloped country
  18. Learn to excel at a wine tasting
  19. Swim with dolphins
  20. Snowboard for real, with curving and no falling
  21. Attempt a winter hike up a mountain
  22. Go on a good blind date
  23. Be a mentor to a Little
  24. Spend a day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  25. Learn how to swing dance
  26. Own or co-own Patriots season tickets
  27. Throw someone a surprise party
  28. Host a spectacular dinner/cocktail party or charity event

Fun Facts That Most People Don’t Know About Me

  • Sometimes I die in my dreams
  • I have a twin brother
  • I’ve never broken a bone
  • I usually make awkward situations more awkward and feel surprisingly comfortable
  • I have no problem laughing at myself
  • Water is my favorite thing to drink
  • I hate olives unless I’m drinking a martini–then, I love them
  • I hate thinking about running in the rain but I love it once I get going
  • I can’t curl my tongue. Or roll my R’s. I’m not very good at whistling, either
  • I love driving on roads I’ve never been on before
  • I like to eat green beans right out of the can
  • I eat cereal really fast because I hate when it gets soggy
  • Usually, I don’t heat up leftover food. I just eat it cold
  • I flip through magazines from back to front
  • My biggest pet peeves are people with bad sidewalk etiquette and when cars are turned off with the windshield wipers left in the middle of the windshield
  • I’ve been told that it’s awesome that I can sit down with a group of guys and be really interested in watching football
  • I cry really easily. Watching movies –both happy and sad parts,– when I’m angry, when I’m stressed, when I feel nostalgic
  • I am obsessed with Friends and I’ve gotten every roommate I’ve ever had obsessed, as well
  •  I’m a big advocate for making my own Halloween costumes, rather than buying them
  • I love baking and cooking, especially in the fall and winter
  • I started working when I was 15 not because I needed to, but because I wanted to. I have always enjoyed having money and being able to spend it at my will. It has also always come naturally to me to save most of my money. Because of this, I was able to buy myself a car without paying car payments and pay off my student loans without interest accruing
  • My brothers, neighbors and I used to act out The Lion King as we watched it. I was always stuck being Pumba
  • The only video game I was ever good at was Mario Brothers 3 for Nintendo ES –which I still play from time to time.– I still remember how excited I was the day I learned to fly. My twin brother and I used to trick my younger brother into thinking he was playing, when in fact we hooked our controllers up instead of his
  • I enjoy eating the batter of baked goods much more than the finished product
  • The first thing I do when I open a carton of ice cream is eat any ice cream stuck to the inside of the lid. The same goes for yogurt
  • If I was stranded on a deserted island and had to choose three things to bring with me, I would bring my running shoes, my bed, and my dog Oliver

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